Early: Bird Menu

Early Bird Menu
Any 2 courses from 9.95*
Sunday 3pm-9pm| Wed-Thurs 3pm-9pm | Fri-Sat 5pm-6.30pm

*Prices in brackets de-note additional supplement

Char grilled large hand-dived scallop with chilli and lime noodles served with a choice of:(£5 supplement)Asian chilli sauce, black bean and garlic sauce, or prepared with dry ginger spices(Please note fresh scallops are limited availability)Stornoway black pudding, with king prawn or chicken tempura served with oriental sauce(£2.50 supplement)Chicken and cheese wrapped in light crispy batter served with spiced strawberry jam(£2.50 supplement)Succulent pork ribs in a fresh herb peking sauce(£2.50 supplement)also available served in a toban sauce, or with salt & chilli spicesCrispy oriental toast topped with fresh tiger prawns served with a creamy basil dip(£2.50 supplement)Fresh mussels served in oriental garlic wine sauce(£3.00 supplement)Char grilled chicken served with a rich chef’s special satay and pineapple coulisThai fish cake with tiger prawn served with homemade pineapple salsa(£2.50 supplement)Fresh tiger prawn cocktail(£2.50 supplement)Fresh chicken lightly battered served with homemade salad sauce and strawberry coulisNew fun chicken (chef’s special) – cooked in chilli and limeNew fun king prawn – cooked in chilli and lime(£2.50 supplement)Finely chopped minced beef topped with ground peanuts and wrapped in lettuce leaves(£2.50 supplement)Squid tempura served with oriental pickle salsa(£3.50 supplement)Tiger prawn balls served with oriental pesto sauce(£2.50 supplement)Fresh shredded chicken coated in salt and chilli spicesFresh king prawn coated in salt and chilli spices(£2.50 supplement)Chef’s crispy spring roll – Chinese leaves, carrots,rice noodle, pork minceAromatic duck spring roll


Deep-fried brie served with oriental plum chutney(£2.50 supplement)Chef’s crispy vegetable spring roll – chinese leaves, carrots, cabbage, rice noodleVegetable tempura served with an oriental sauceVegetable hot and sour soup (chef’s special)


Fresh fish chowder(£2.00 supplement)Fresh chicken & sweetcorn soupChicken noodle soupChicken mushroom soupCream of chicken soupCream of mushroom soup



Warm chicken salad served with Stornoway black pudding(£2.00 supplement)Fresh chicken breast coated in oats served with vegetables, creme fraiche potatoes and lightly tangy oriental spicy sauceFresh pan fried chicken cooked in a sauce of your choice served with a bed of rice or chipsChoose from:SzechuanKung PoRich SatayBlack BeanBlack PepperTobanPekingLemon SauceOrange SauceChilli and GarlicYellow Bean Sauce & Cashew NutsLight Lemon Sauce Peking StyleOyster SauceCantonese Sweet & SourWith MushroomsWith Cashew NutsChop Suey


Crispy shredded beef served in a cantonese style with a bed of fried riceFresh beef cooked in a sauce of your choice served with a bed of rice or chips.Choose from:SzechuanKung PoRich SatayBlack BeanBlack PepperTobanPekingChilli and GarlicWith MushroomsWith OnionGinger & Spring OnionChop Suey


Steamed sea bass with savoury cabbage and herb butter served with Thai coriander rice(£2.50 supplement)Fresh pan fried seas bass served on a bed of exotic vegetables, creme fraiche potatoes and topped with razor clams cream sauce(£2.50 supplement)Char grilled king prawn in a mild red curry topped with a creamy brie with a bed of chef’s special rice(£2.50 supplement)Lightly spiced monkfish stir fried and served with pak choi, vegetables and a bed of rice(£5.00 supplement)Stir fried monkfish in szechuan sauce served with a bed of rice(£5.00 supplement)Pan fried king prawn served in a choice of sauce Served with a bed of rice or chips(£2.50 supplement)Choose from:Rich SataySzechuanKung PoBlack BeanCantonese Sweet & SourGinger & Spring OnionCashew NutsWith MushroomChop SueyIn a Cantonese style


Char grilled duck cooked in a choice of sauce served with a bed of rice or chips(£3.00 supplement)Choose from:Chef’s Soya SaucePlum SauceLemon SauceOrange SauceSzechuanRich OysterBlack bean


Cooked in chef’s curry sauce and served with a choice of oriental rice, fried rice or chips.Chicken curryKing Prawn curry(£2.50 supplement)Beef curryChar Siu currySpecial curry


King prawn fried rice(£2.50 supplement)Young chow fried riceChicken fried riceSingapore fried rice (a choice of chicken or char siu)Special fried riceDuck fried rice(£2.50 supplement)


Chicken chow meinKing prawn chow mein(£2.50 supplement)Beef chow meinSingapore chow mein (a choice of chicken or char siu)Special chow meinDuck chow mein(£2.50 supplement)