Dinner Menu


Char grilled large hand-dived scallop with chilli and lime noodles served with a choice of:£7.50
asian chilli sauce, black bean and garlic sauce, or prepared with dry ginger spices
(Please note fresh scallops are limited availability)
Stornoway black pudding, with king prawn or chicken tempura served with oriental sauce£5.95
Chicken and cheese wrapped in light crispy batter served with spiced strawberry jam£5.55
Succulent pork ribs in a fresh herb peking sauce£5.55
also available served in a toban sauce or with salt & chilli spices
Crispy oriental toast topped with fresh tiger prawns served with a creamy basil dip£5.55
Finely chopped pork topped with ground peanuts wrapped in lettuce leaves£5.55
Char grilled chicken served with a rich chef’s special satay and pineapple coulis£5.25
New fun chicken (chef’s special) – cooked in chilli and lime£5.25
New fun king prawn – cooked in chilli and lime£5.55
Fresh mussels served in oriental garlic and creamy wine sauce£5.95
King prawn cocktail£5.55
Shredded beef and chicken with a medley of flavours£5.95
(to enjoy the full flavours of this dish please taste beef before chicken)
Fresh shredded chicken coated in salt and chilli spices£5.25
Fresh king prawn coated in salt and chilli spices£5.55
Fresh chicken lightly battered and served with homemade salad sauce and strawberry coulis£5.25
Thai fish cake with tiger prawn served with homemade pineapple salsa£5.95
Squid tempura served with oriental pickle salsa£5.95
Tiger prawn balls served with oriental pesto sauce£5.55
Chef’s crispy spring roll£5.25
chinese leaves, carrots, rice noodle, pork mince
Aromatic duck spring roll£5.25


Deep-fried brie served with oriental plum chutney£5.25
Chef’s vegetable spring roll£5.25
chinese leaves, carrots, cabbage, rice noodle
Vegetable tempura served with an oriental sauce£5.25
Vegetable hot and sour soup (chef’s special)£4.25
Fresh fish chowder£4.25
Fresh chicken & sweetcorn soup£4.25
Chicken noodle soup£4.25
Chicken mushroom soup£4.25
Cream of chicken soup£4.25
Cream of mushroom soup£4.25
Warm chicken salad served with Stornoway black pudding£9.75
Fresh chicken breast coated in oats served with vegetables, crme fraiche potatoes and lightly tangy oriental spicy sauce£9.75
Char grilled chicken breast with mushrooms and creamy garlic sauce served with crme fraiche potatoes£10.25
Char grilled chicken breast served with vegetables, crme fraiche potatoes and topped with oriental, black peppercorn and chocolate sauce£10.50
Fresh pan fried chicken cooked in a sauce of your choice served with a bed of rice or chips£9.75
Choose from:
Kung Po
Rich Satay
Black Bean
Black Pepper
Lemon Sauce
Orange Sauce
Chilli and Garlic
Yellow Bean Sauce & Cashew Nuts
Light Lemon Sauce Peking Style
Oyster Sauce
Cantonese Sweet & Sour
With Mushrooms
With Cashew Nuts
Chop Suey
Char grilled duck cooked in a choice of sauce served on a bed of rice or chips£10.95
Chef’s Soya Sauce
Plum Sauce
Lemon Sauce
Orange Sauce
Rich Oyster
Black bean

Fish and Seafood

Steamed sea bass with savoury cabbage and herb butter served with Thai coriander rice£10.95
Fresh pan fried seas bass served on a bed of exotic vegetables, creme fraiche potatoes and topped with razor clams cream sauce£10.95
Steamed halibut served with baby spinach Thai coriander rice in oriental spiced basil sauce£14.95
Char grilled king prawn in a mild red curry topped with a creamy brie with a bed of chefs special rice£10.95
Thai risotto topped with pan fried sea bass, tiger prawn and mussels£14.95
Lightly spiced monkfish stir fried and served with pak choi, vegetables and a bed of rice£14.95
Stir fried monkfish served in a szechuan sauce served with a bed of rice£14.95
Pan fried king prawn served in a choice of sauce with a bed of rice or chips£10.95
Choose from:
Rich Satay
Kung Po
Black Bean
Cantonese Sweet & Sour
Ginger & Spring Onion
Cashew Nuts
With Mushroom
Chop Suey
In a Cantonese style
Char grilled sirloin steak (12oz) served with crme fraiche potatoes and seasonal vegetables with a choice of peppercorn sauce or homemade gravy sauce£18.95
Crispy shredded beef served in a Cantonese style with a bed of fried rice£9.75
Fresh beef cooked in a sauce of your choice served with a bed of rice or chips£9.75
Choose from:
Kung Po
Rich Satay
Black Bean
With Mushrooms
With Onion
Ginger & Spring Onion
Chop Suey
Black Pepper
Chilli and Garlic
Szechuan bean curd served with pak choi and a bed of rice£9.75
Vegetable Chow Mein – traditional or Singapore style£9.75
Fresh vegetables cooked in chefs curry sauce served with oriental or fried rice or chip£9.75
Pan fried fresh vegetables served with a choice of sauce and a bed of rice or chips£9.75
Choose from:
Rich Satay
Kung Po
Black Bean
Cantonese Sweet & Sour
Cooked in chefs curry sauce and served with a choice of oriental rice, fried rice or chips.
Chicken curry£9.75
King Prawn curry£10.95
Beef curry£9.75
Char Siu curry£9.75
Special curry£9.95

Rice & Chow Mein (Noodle) Dishes

King prawn fried rice£10.95
Young chow fried rice£9.75
Chicken fried rice£9.75
Singapore fried rice – a choice of chicken or char siu£9.75
Special fried rice£9.95
Duck fried rice£9.95
Chicken chow mein£9.75
King prawn chow mein£10.95
Beef chow mein£9.75
Singapore chow mein a choice of chicken or char siu£9.75
Special chow mein£9.95
Duck chow mein£9.95
Rice – fried or boiled£3.00
French fries£3.00
Soft noodles£4.00
Curry sauce£3.00
Gravy sauce£3.00
Sweet and sour sauce£3.00
Garlic pak choi Cantonese style£8.00

Chocolate fondant served with orange mousse and star anise ganache with traditional vanilla ice cream£4.95Mango and vanilla cheesecake served with mango yogurt ice sorbet, and pistachio and jasmine jelly£4.75Strawberry and vanilla parfait served with raspberry coulis£4.75Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce with vanilla ice cream£4.75Banana tempura with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream£4.95Choice of local quality ice cream vanilla, mint or strawberry£4.25A platter of fine Scottish cheeses served with cream crackers£5.25